How to Use The Buylist Tool

Log into your account at, if you do not have one already feel free to create on with the registration form on the right side of the same page.


    After you are signed in, visit and click the link on the top of the page to view the buylist.


      Select the game you wish to submit to us with the buylist. Currently only Pokemon and Yugioh and Flesh and Blood are supported.

      In the right side of the buylist tool you will see a dropdown menu to select between cash and store credit. You can switch between the two at any time however the entire list must either be cash or store credit (they cannot be mixed). Store Credit is always your best value for trade ins.
      If you want to change to another game like Yugioh, you can do so by clicking the switch game button under the words “Buylist Summary”.

      Type the name of the card you would like to submit and click the magnifying glass to search for the version of the card you have. If you need to further narrow your search you can use the drop down menu to the right.


      Once you have narrowed down your search to the card you want to submit, select how many of the card you have and what condition it is in. Click the Plus icon to add it to your buylist. If we don’t need any more of the card you will see a message stating “We are not looking for this card at the moment.”

      When you are ready to submit your buylist, click the submit buylist button.

      You will see a popup asking you if you are sure you want to submit your buylist, click “Submit Buylist”.

      When you have submitted your buylist you will receive a message instructing you to wait for an email with additional instructions. Please do not send us the cards until you receive a confirmation email.